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An extensive range of products are used and recommend for your personal care to maintain your style, health and beauty.

Products are available in store for SALE at special prices.


Davroe products are the highest quality LOW IRRITANT hair care products that make caring for your hair and our environment easy.

Davroe hair Wellness has created a natural based formula for every hair type, with a complete collection of professional hair care & styling products to make every hair type look & feel its best.


Himalayan Crystal Salt (pink salt) is mined from salt seams fossilized in the Himalayan Mountains Unpolluted and crystallized allowing a fast absorption of a full spectrum of 84 minerals & trace elements into the blood stream & cells. Tastes SWEET & delicious!You can sprinkle it on ,soak in as a detox bath or take it as a liquid ,your body needs good salt for restoring and balancing your health.

Pharo Sugaring

Sugaring is a natural Eco-friendly water soluble. Gentle on the skin with lower levels of discomfort and without Chemicals or post waxing residue.

The Phâro Salon Sugaring System comprises sterilised hydro entangled hair removal strips, spatulas, eyebrow applicators and professional quality pot heaters and rollon cartridge heaters.


Organic Rich Honey Tanning Solution is a beautiful luxurious tan that is moisturising whilst giving you a deep tan.

It contains Eco Cert DHA, Cacao, no green or orange base.

24Hr prior exfoliation needed.

Last approx 7-10 days.

No artificial ingredients.

No smell.

Anti cellulite ingredient.

2-6 hours wash off time.


Fudge colours are long lasting, offer 100% coverage and fabulous conditioning.

Excellent treatment products for hair care restoration. Restores optimum health and shine to dry and damaged hair. Reconstructs damage hair.